Xbox 360 Features, Gamer Guide, Review , Pros & Cons

What is the Xbox 360? After gaining success with xbox games console, Microsoft is targeting another big hit by launching the Xbox 360. Although the Xbox 360 had been revealed on May 12th, 2005, it was officially launched just before the Christmas 2005 as it was considered as the peak shopping season. The Xbox 360 is marked as the pioneer of the high definition digital entertainment era. The game and the entertainment system applied into the Xbox 360 is the answer of the combination between Nintendo’s Revolution and Sony’s PlayStation 3 game consoles. All Xbox Games can be personalized and always be connected as desired.

Who designed All Xbox Games?

The Astro studios located in San Francisco, USA is the hero of designing this fabulous Xbox 360. The project is collaboration with Hers Experimental Design Laboratory located in Osaka, Japan. Their collaboration is resulting in a great Xbox 360. In terms of exterior design, altogether with magnificent software, hardware and services, All Xbox Games ends up as a powerful game console in the market.

All Xbox 360 Video Games come with:

Xbox Gamer Guide: It is a great entertainment gateway allowing you to be connected to the games, friends, movies, music and any available downloadable content. You can easily access all these great features just by having one touch interface called The Xbox Guide Button. With one easy access, you will be directly connected to any available content you desired, such as joining your friends’ game after being invited, or perhaps downloading a desired content while you are still in the middle of the game. The Xbox Gamer Guide provides interesting changeable facial plates which can be used to customize the look of your All Xbox Games. Lots of unique skins are available for you to get the personalized look and feel of the Gamer Guide and System Guide. Reflect your personality through the combination of faces and skins as desired.

Ring of Light:

The Ring of Light is initially a collection of four glowing quadrants in All Xbox Games. Together with the Xbox Guide button, they basically take control of the whole system in the Xbox 360. The Guide button itself, besides connecting you to the games visually, is also controlling the system of startup and shutdown. To make it more practical, the Xbox 360 provides both connections to the controller, wired and wireless. The controllers and accessories available are specially designed to give the best comfort when you play your All Xbox 360 Games, even when you are on your soft couch.

Xbox 360 Live:

The Xbox Live feature in All Xbox Games are the place for full games and entertainments. The Xbox Live is a unified interface where everything can truly be alive-like. With it, you can simply connect and play with any of your friends, time and place bondless. All you need to do is as simple as connecting your Xbox 360 to a broadband Internet connection. Only seconds after that, you will be directly able to access the Xbox Live Silver where you can publish your digital identity through your own gamer card or tag. With this facility, you can access the Xbox Live Marketplace, and also chat with your friends via the voice chat in which all of these are free of charge at all. If you want to experience something much more interesting, you can then upgrade your console into the Xbox Live Gold. Get xbox live gold codes for free here. It is where another great access to an exciting online multiplayer gaming can be enjoyed.

Xbox 360 Games :

The whole games in All Xbox Games are perfectly presented in terms of images and sound effect, making you able to be completely engaged to the game-play. This greater gaming experience is supported by the 16:9 widescreen formats with1080i and 720p resolution, anti-aliasing support designed for the movie-like graphics, and also the multi-channel surround sound. Through all Xbox 360 games, you can enjoy other performances, such as music, TV, videos and photos. The Xbox 360 can also function as a DVD player as it is supported by a progressive-scan DVD’s. Besides that, the drive of Xbox 360 is also available to share your newest pictures and albums with the loved ones.

Xbox 360 Faceplates

A new feature introduced in the all Xbox 360 games is the Xbox 360 Faceplates. It works similar to most of Nokia cellular phones in which you can freely change the appearance of your All Xbox Games console according to your mood and personality. • A unique system can be created through the interchangeable faceplates. • The cutting-edge designs are stylish, catchy and changeable. • There are various designs of available faceplates. • The system will still be in its 100% function, regardless of any faceplate chosen.

Xbox 360 Memory Unit

All Xbox Games are provided with a 64MB memory to help you saving your game profiles and the in-game achievements. This memory card is only a key-chain size and very portable. It is easy to use too, as you can quickly start off the game from where you last quitted. The memory of Xbox 360 is really applying the idea of being plug’n’play. Not enough with one memory unit, you will also get another unit in which both can be upgradeable.

Xbox 360 Universal Media Remote

All Xbox Games are equipped with a Universal Media Remote. This Xbox remote is specially designed to facilitate an integrated control system to your Xbox 360. You can play music, DVDs, control your PC or TC just by a single button of this magnificent Universal Media Remote of the Xbox 360.