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Sri Krishna Janmashtami Whatsapp Status / Janmashtami Whatsapp DP / Krishna Janmashtami Messages 2016: Sri Krishna Janmashtami or Shri Krishna Jayanti or simply Janmashtami marks the birth of Lord Krishna. Celebrated by Hindus all over the India and this year, Krishnashtami is on 25th of August. Do take a look at the entire article to know interesting facts of the festival and also we are providing with Sri Krishna Janmashtami Whatsapp Status, DP, Messages 2016. Send these Messages througn mails. here is the best mail service provided by google i.e www.Gmail.com once again wishing you Sri Krishna Janmashtami every one

Sri Krishna Janmashtami Whatsapp Status

sri Krishna Janmashtami wallpapers

sri Krishna Janmashtami wallpapers

Now that Krishnashtami is here, hope that everyone knows the exact meaning or the mysteries behind the festival. If not, we will spill the information for you. Lord Krishna as per Hindu Puranas is considered as the eight avatar of Vishnu. Krishna is born to Devaki and Vasudeva. Krishna was the eighth born son of Devaki and Vasudeva. Devaki's brother, Kansa killed 6 of Devaki and Vasudeva's kids as Kansa hears a prophecy that Devaki's right born son will kill Kansa. Devaki's 7th son was Balarama who gets carried away and Kansa is said that Devaki had a miss carriage. Vishnu orders Vasudeva to carry Krishna to Gokul from Mathura so that he will be safe. Just as he ordered Vasudeva caries eighth born son, Krishna to Gokul by crossing the river. Krishna grows up there with Balarama and avenges Kansa. That's how the story ends.

Since the day is celebrated with a lot of prayers, many of us would like to change our WhatsApp status to some cool quotes on Sri Krishna Janmashtami Whatsapp Status. We made  a list of some Janmashtami Whatsapp Status's which you can use. So what are you waiting for ? Take a look.

Janmashtami Whatsapp Status

Lord Krishna believed in Karam Yoga: Follow the right path; See unity in diversity; Serve humanity without expecting rewards; Happy Janmashtami 2016!

May the Natkhat Nand Lal always give you happiness, health & prosperity; and may you find peace in Krishna consciousness. Happy Krishna Janmashtami!

Janmashtami Whatsapp Quotes

This Janmashtami marks the 5243th birthday of Lord Krishna. Mathura becomes very lively on this auspicious day as Lord Krishna was born at this place. For all those who are fasting on this occasion, make sure you follow the rituals properly. Do enjoy the day by watching Dahi Handi celebrations too.

May Lord Krishna’s flute invite the melody of love into your life. May Radha’s love teach not only how to love but to love eternally. Happy Krishna Janmashtami!

Ek Radha Ek Meera, Dono Ne Shyam Ko Chaha, Ab Shyam Pe Hai Sara Bhaar, Kis Ki Preet Kare Swikaar. Happy Krishna Janmashtami

Today is very precious day Some one special was born Born to fight against inhumanity Born to save the trust in God Happy Janamashtami!!

”Celebrating Lord Krishna’s birthday and experience Awakening and spirituality! Happy Janmashtami!”

May u find all the delights of lifemay ur all dreams come true.My best wishes will always be with U.happy krishna janmashtami\

”Radhe ji ka prem, Murli ki mithaas, Makhan ka swaad, Gopiyoon ka raas, Inhii se milke ban ta he, Janmashtami ka din khaas. Happy janmashtami!”

Hota hai pyar kya duniya ko jisne bataya, Dil ke rishton ko jisne prem se sajaya, Aaj us pyar ke dewta ka Birthday hai. Happy Janmashtami.

Gokul me hai jinka waas / Gopiyo sang jo karey raas / Devki-Yashoda jinki maiya / aise hamare kishan kanhaiya / May Lord Krishna fulfill all your wishes. Happy Shri Krishna Janamasthami!

Janmashtami Whatsapp Status Messages 2016

One of the most anticipated festivals of year has come and devotees all across are expressing their love for the god. Celebrating today, people decorate their homes with Krishna statue and shower with Krishna decoratives. During this festival devotees pray for lord Krishna, the avatar of lord Vishnu the creator of all. Here you can find Krishna Janmashtami images and they are wonderfully beautiful. The best of Krishna Janmaatami Status 2016 can be seen below.

May you find your love On this Janmashtmi and Gopis may shower all Their love and affection On your body and soul! Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2016

I wish u Happy Janmashtami & I pray to God for ur prosperous life May u find all the delights of life may ur all dreams come true Our best wishes will always be with U

Check -> Janmashtami Images

The Day of Love and Fortune The day of Birth of Lord Krishna A Lover,Friend & Divine Guru HAPPY JANMASHTAMI

Today is very precious day Some one special was born Born to fight against inhumanity Born to save the trust in God Happy Janamashtami!!

It is very obvious that there will be victory of truth always, So always try to do the things told by Krishna and behave like a lord Rama WISH YOU VERY HAPPY JANMASHTAMI

Janmashtami status

This Krishna Jhanmastami Status can be updated in your Facebook Timeline, Twitter timeline and wish your friends in social media.

May Lord Krishna steal all your tensions and worries on this Janmashtmi! And give you all the love, peace and happiness. Happy Sre Krishna Janmashtami wishes

May Lord Krishna Showers All His Blessing On You. May you get a lot of happiness in life. Happy Janmashtami 2016.

पलकें झुकें , और नमन हो जाए…….!! मस्तक झुके, और वंदन हो जाए……!! ऐसी नज़र, कंहाँ से लाऊँ, मेरे कन्हैया …….!! कि …… आप को याद करूँ ,और आपके, दर्शन हो जाए……!! जय श्री कृष्णा

आओ मिलकर सजाये नन्दलाल को; आओ मिलकर करें उनका गुणगान! जो सबको राह दिखाते हैं; और सबकी बिगड़ी बनाते हैं! शुभ जन्मआष्ट्मी!

Sri Krishna Janmashtami Whatsapp DP

Now that you have checked out Shri Krishna Jayanti Whatsapp Status's, also take a look at HD Janmashtami wallpapers which you save it and keep them as your special Sri Krishna Janmashtami Whatsapp DP. So here we go.
 Janmashtami Whatsapp DP

Janmashtami Whatsapp DP

Krishna Janmashtami Whatsapp DP

Krishna Janmashtami Whatsapp DP

Janmashtami Whatsapp DP

This Space is filled with Janmashtami Whatsapp dp so that you can change your Whatsapp DP on the Krishnastami Festival. Hope You Like these Pics. You Can also Check Janmashtami Images here
Krishna Janmashtami for whatsapp

Krishna Janmashtami for whatsapp

Janmashtami Whatsapp DP images

Janmashtami Whatsapp DP images

 Janmashtami Whatsapp DP 2016

Janmashtami Whatsapp DP 2016

Sri Krishna Janmashtami Messages 2016

On this special many do fasting and offer prayers till midnight and celebrate the time Krishna was born. We make a lot of sweets and there's a special event, Dahi Handi where men do a formation and someone climbs the formations to break a coconut or some pot. Kite flying is also seen. Despite all of these, we even like to spread wishes to all our relatives and friends. So make sure you check out Sri Krishna Janmashtami messages to send them to your friends or relatives through Whatsapp and Facebook. You can Also Check Krishna Janmashtami Images here.

Janmashtami Messages 2016

Makhan choor hai jis ka naam Bansi bajana hai jisne kaam Khushi manao uske janamdin ki Jisne duniya ko Prem shikhaya. HAPPY JANMASATMI…
Shri Krishna ke kadam apke ghar aaye.... Aap khushiyon ke deep jalayye... Krishna Janmotsav ki aapko subh kamnaye... Happy Janmashtmi.
Janmashtami ke is shubh avsar par. Hum ye kaamna karte hai ki. Shree Krishna ki kripa. Aap par, aur app ke Parivar par . Hamesha bani rahe.
Shri Krishna janamastmi ki hardik badhai.
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